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Paint a Dream

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She closed her eyes.

As she slept, she dreamt.

It was an eerily familiar dream, one about queer doors. Doors which always remained unopened. It was a mysterious circular room with ancient runes in the gossamer walls. She knew the drill. It was so frequent, it seemed to be etched into her mind. She glanced left- in time to see the scene transform.

An unopened door
A prickly feeling
A certain sadness contorts
And envisions- she is dreaming

Now it seemed she stood in front of an ocean. The mighty waves crashed and the turbulent waters looked as though they would encompass her. But she turned behind and ran the sand was velvet soft against her feet.

When the sight transforms
There is an endless blue
Merry tides lapping against rocks
And the seagulls which flew

As she was running, vines and ivy crept along the floor, making the sand disappear. It was night. The stars shined brightly, they seemed to be winking at her she couldn’t help but smile. Magic shimmered around her. It was omnipresent in the air.

The moon was milky white
The trees whispered to her
It wasn’t a spooky sight
It was a solace, a comfort

The enchanting woods
Surrounded her with crisp, fresh air
It was like her favorite books
had come to life with a flair

Now she found herself mesmerized by the rising sun. The changing colours were like her tumultuous emotions. Flowers of all shades surrounded her. The meadow stretched vast and undulating.

The rainbow formed a perfect arc
In the dawn-lit firmament
It seemed with every hour
There was a new refurbishment

A gentle breeze blew
Her fleecy locks of gold
As she gazed at freedom, she knew
There was no better sight to behold

Giddy with joy she danced
Among the fragrant flowers
The distant mountains glanced
Showered happiness and cheers

She realized this was life
There was joy as there was despair
The dream was an insight
The mysteries of life it shared

She opened her eyes.

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