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No Light Without the Dark

Photo by Visit Greenland on Pexels.com
When midnight fell and the clock struck twelve 
and the cuckoo bird sang its usual chirping band
The air was cold, it blew in a breeze 
the darkness allured with its uncanny streak 
Through the open windows a shadow descended  
it gripped my heart with vice like fear 
The candles that emitted a soft, warm glow
blew out, casting long, solemn hallows
The shadow was mine and yet detached
yet it wasn't mine, a dreadful sight
It crawled through the window stealthily
a silhouette of a creature of the dark
then fizzling out...
The shadow was mine and yet not mine
It was my worst nightmare come true

For as long as I remember, I have been able to watch the most horror movies without blinking. But when it came to entering my room when the light was off…I would drag someone along, making them switch on the light first.


It highlights the brighter things in life. If every time we are alone in the dark and we stop being terrified of the unknown and remember that nights only make the days more beautiful. There is more to it than just a void:

It’s the light that shines in the darkness.
It’s destiny waiting at the end of the road.
There’s meaning in the middle of this emptiness.
To why you’ve been asked to carry this heavy load.

There’s a dawn waiting at the edge of every midnight.
There’s a seed planted with every fallen leaf.
With every wrong there’s the chance to make a right.
With every hour of suffering there’s an eternity of relief.

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”
― Anne Frank

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”
― Mark Twain

5 thoughts on “No Light Without the Dark”

  1. But I would disagree, for Only after an eternity of suffering is there peace. Only after being soaked by rain is there a rainbow. Many times a man carries a bag And realises its full of stones.
    Ask the beggar in the scorching sun
    If there is a paradise

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  2. Is it more important to know the meaning of peace than to experience it.
    Can two short moments of beauty make up for an eternal loss.
    Maybe they can, but I dread what would happen if
    My suffering ends up in more suffering rather than peace. We all get pain in the life we live, I wonder What if there was another such life after death. He carried a bag of stones and realised That the world wasn’t black or white To him it was plain black

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