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Why I Play the Piano

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My fingers stroke
The ivory keys
A tingling resonance broke
The serene, still peace

As my hands glided with wonder
Music being created, explored
I could feel myself surrender
By the melody allured

I felt myself being transported
To an era of fantasy
Where magic of colours assorted
Alighted sheer ecstasy

The tune bespoke
of a million things I glanced
A starlight sky I approached
By its beauteous nature entranced

T’was like the pages of a book
Incomplete without the next note
And I was in a journey hooked
One that was with music afloat

Like an elf it was skittish
And like a fae graceful
Like the moon’s glow diminished
On a merry night- full

Like a dame’s long tresses
a steady wave
each key it did caress
with its tranquil sway

The acoustics broke
in a marvelous rhythm
whimsical like a long road
Yet with valor rivaling the sun

Everything else ceased to exist
But the flow of the song’s laugh
It was a seldom bliss
A melodious craft

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