Fantasy, Poetry, Writing

Weirder Than Fiction

It was the eagerness with which he led the large pageantThe stroll to death was miles longer and moons awaySheer glee turned his veins blueA final day gloomIt was the scared girl who looked below her bed every nightAnd then malicious laughter poured from her lipsShe crawled below it, waiting for night to fall and… Continue reading Weirder Than Fiction

Fantasy, Poetry

Silver Tongue

In an infinite abyss, she fell from among a mass of camaraderie into roaring embers, she went amidst vivid consciousness The abyss was endless but the wounds shallow Vice had forged selfishness and malice a deadly hollow Between the beginning and the end She saw a reflection of her past When the destination was reached… Continue reading Silver Tongue

Fantasy, Poetry, Writing

Why I Play the Piano

Photo by Pixabay on My fingers strokeThe ivory keysA tingling resonance brokeThe serene, still peace As my hands glided with wonderMusic being created, exploredI could feel myself surrenderBy the melody allured I felt myself being transportedTo an era of fantasyWhere magic of colours assortedAlighted sheer ecstasy The tune bespoke of a million things I… Continue reading Why I Play the Piano