Fantasy, Poetry

Silver Tongue

In an infinite abyss, she fell 
from among a mass of camaraderie 
into roaring embers, she went 
amidst vivid consciousness 

The abyss was endless 
but the wounds shallow 
Vice had forged selfishness 
and malice a deadly hollow 

Between the beginning and the end
She saw a reflection of her past
When the destination was reached 
and the journey reallocated 

They said she had a silver tongue
It made her seem wicked 
a misplaced assumption 
so were stories brewed 

She looked into the silence 
and yet it seemed to speak volumes 
she looked at herself that day 
she didn't look at the girl people saw 

The sins of the past were there 
the pain of the present omnipresent 
but something more important 
had implored forgiveness to her 

the struggle was to give it freely 
for it was harder to be heard than talk 
two hands were extended 
and all was simply forgiven
Image source: pinterest

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