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Forbidden was the fruitThat Eve was tempted byknowing that she offeredAdam to take a bite Forbidden was the nightwhen the sky was starlessBut the smoke blocked the lightthus rendered the darkness Forbidden were the vastbleak and desolate grasslandsBut its okay, for us humansneeded the wood for places fun Forbidden it was to chop'em trees on… Continue reading Forbidden

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Standing massive and tall You are our hearts' call Your shelves filled with books galore fulfill every dream we aspire our destiny we acquire You help us climb mountains fix inanimate things broken Dive into oceans deep Dance with tides that leap Fence with the valiant most Explore the misty shores Ride stunning stallions Fly… Continue reading Library

Fantasy, Poetry, Writing

Why I Play the Piano

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com My fingers strokeThe ivory keysA tingling resonance brokeThe serene, still peace As my hands glided with wonderMusic being created, exploredI could feel myself surrenderBy the melody allured I felt myself being transportedTo an era of fantasyWhere magic of colours assortedAlighted sheer ecstasy The tune bespoke of a million things I… Continue reading Why I Play the Piano