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To Poetry and Rainbows

For poems are like rainbows they escape you quickly.
― Langston Hughes, The Big Sea

The roar of the gale is heard;
And empty must be the storm
That could dim the little fire
That kept so many warm

To you the poetry,
You that defy the laws
Like the warmth that seeps
That can never be barred

Just like the mighty rainbow
After the tempest in the sky
How sweet you are to the eye
A tune that is heard aloud

Where you begin, where you end
The mere eye can scarcely see

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I have always loved reading and writing. Since a long time ago I would hide under covers, or in my very spacious closet and get lost in the world of books. I presented my first poem to my parents when I was 8. They had been very proud. When I received a kindle in 6th grade I was ecstatic! That’s when my real love for reading began. I quickly realized that the genres of fantasy, science fiction and mystery compelled me more than any other. Then I started writing random pieces of my thoughts and blogging came next!
Thank you to all my 100+ followers!!! 😊

Thank you to each of my friend who has supported me through comments and contacts! All my readers make my writings worth it. This blog was mainly written to thank each of you…and what better way to express my gratitude than through poetry?!

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